Terms & Conditions


1.Liability – No responsibility will be taken by the land owner/s or organisers for damage or injury sustained to property, individuals or animals whilst using the field or on the property. All vehicles parked on the property are left entirely at their owners risk. No responsibility for damage or accidents can be taken by Off the leash Dog Park. Any breakages or damage to the field will be paid for by the dog owner. All dogs using Off the leash Dog Park must be fully up-to-date with their Booster inoculations.
2.Booking Arrangements – Booking is made only through this website https://offtheleashdogparks.co.uk
For business bookings call 07903129315
3.Payment  – All payments must be made through the website
The fields can only be used if it has been booked & paid for prior to arrival.
4.Cancellation Policy – If the user arrives late, the booking time cannot be extended. 24 hrs notice is required for any cancellations. Refunds can only be given for cancelled bookings if that space is filled by another client.
5.Bookings – are non-transferable. The person making the booking must be present and must ensure that anyone else attending is made aware of and adheres to the Terms and Conditions of Off The Leash Dog Park
6.Entering/Leaving the Field – It is the responsibility of those using the field to book a slot which allows enough time to unload their animals, use the field and get them back into their vehicles afterwards within their time slot. The slot is not just for use of the field.
Users must inspect the field to ensure that it is suitable for use by their dog(s), fence height, proximity to farm animals etc.
Anyone remaining over their time slot in the field will need to pay for the extra slot and be discouraged from re-booking.
It is the users responsibility to ensure the 2nd entrance gate is locked from the inside whilst they are in the field.
Dogs must be back in the car before the end of their session. 
When not in the secure area Dogs MUST be kept on lead at all times
Please keep dogs in your vehicle until the previous users have loaded their dogs back in their vehicle. The only exception to this rule will be if the previous customers have gone over their allotted time.

7.Code of Ethics – Choke chains, prong collars and electronic devices are not allowed. Harsh handling of dogs, either verbal or physical is not allowed.

Professional dog walkers will only be allowed by prior arrangement.
No sub letting of the field is allowed. Anyone hiring it on a professional basis can do so with the managements permission (phone 07903129315.)
8.Maintenance – The hirer must bring their own poo bags and remove ALL dogs poop after their dog(s). Off The Leash Dog Park will provide poo bins.
No litter is to be left in the field as this presents a risk to other users and their dogs.
We inspect the field regularly and fencing daily to maintain security but please notify us if you have any concerns. CCTV is in operation.
During winter the field may be muddy and waterproof boots are advised.
We have a field shelter which may be used by user/s for purpose of shelter during inclement weather.
9.Parking – Vehicles are left entirely at your own risk and Off The Leash Dog Park accept no responsibility for any loss or damage incurred, accident or otherwise, whilst they are on the premises.
10. Children are welcome on the field but must be supervised by an adult at all times.
11. Data – We only retain your contact details in the event of having to contact you regarding your booking or to inform you of any future events.
The information is not used for any other purpose or shared to any third parties.

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